Consultation and Research Plan

Roots Revealed provides genealogy consultations and bespoke research plans for those who wish to undertake their own Irish ancestry research.

Irish genealogy research has the reputation of being difficult due to the destruction of many Irish records in the 1800’s and 1900’s.  Finding out what records are available and where they can be found can be a bewildering experience, as unfortunately not everything of interest to the genealogist is held in one central location.

Visiting an archive for the first time can be daunting – we offer familiarisation at archives such as PRONI and one-to-one assistance with your research.  

These services are perfect for those who would like to undertake research themselves but would like guidance on where records relevant to their Irish ancestors may be found.  Alternatively you may have a specific research hurdle or brick wall that you would like some advice on how to overcome.

If you would prefer that Roots Revealed undertakes research on your behalf, please visit our genealogy research page for more information.

Bespoke Genealogy Research Plan

The personalised Research Plan will enable researchers to maximise the effectiveness of their research and make the best use of their time.  It will provide you with an overview of records applicable to the time period and location of your ancestors and will include a range of records that may be found in archives and on various websites.

If done by email, this service costs £90.

Genealogy Consultation

You also have the option of a genealogy consultation to answer specific questions you may have about researching your Irish ancestors.

You provide your questions by email and a convenient time will be agreed for an online consultation.

If completed online, a one-hour consultation costs £90.

If you are visiting Northern Ireland, it can be provided during a face-to-face consultation and will cost £45 per hour including travelling time.

Guided Research in the Archives

If you are visiting archives such as the Public Records Office Northern Ireland (PRONI) and would like help to navigate them and personal assistance with your research, please get in touch.

This service costs £45 per hour including travelling time.

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