Genealogy Research

Genealogy research is completed on your Irish and Northern Irish ancestors by a professionally qualified genealogist.  For more information about professional qualifications and memberships, please see our About page.

Who is this service suitable for ?

The genealogy research service is ideal for those who are keen to research their Northern Irish or Irish ancestry but are unable to do it themselves, perhaps due to lack of time or knowledge about what records are available and where they can be found. Perhaps you have exhausted online records and need to progress with Irish ancestral records that may be held in archives and libraries. 

Alternatively, you may want a specific piece of research undertaken or have a question or family mystery that you would like to resolve; others may have hit a brick wall and need help to overcome it.  Perhaps you’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere and need a fresh pair of eyes to re-evaluate research that has already been carried out.

Natalie Bodle Genealogist researching at library

Many clients simply live too far away to be able to undertake research themselves and wish to hire a local expert.

Roots Revealed has an in-depth knowledge of the range of Irish genealogy records where your ancestor may be found and is regularly to be seen searching within local archives and libraries for documents that are not available online.

Does Roots Revealed do genealogy research in other countries?

Certainly, we can undertake research in other English-speaking countries. Useful clues about a place of origin is often to be found in the country that an ancestor emigrated to. 

We often find too that families who remained in Ireland or Northern Ireland lost contact when one or more branches moved to other countries such as Scotland, England, Wales, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. 

Our research can uncover those clues and provide information about missing or previously unknown family branches.

Free initial assessment

Roots Revealed provides a free Initial Assessment by email.  It will gather information about your ancestors from Ireland, Northern Ireland, or Ulster – please provide as much information as possible – we’ll determine what you already know, how much ancestral research has been completed and what Irish records you have found that can be linked to your ancestor. 

The Initial Assessment Form will ask you to state your objectives, i.e. what information do you hope to find out about your ancestor?

When you have returned the completed form, we will respond within two weeks and let you know if it seems likely that records are available for your ancestor.  You will be given a no-obligation quote that will let you know how many hours research it will take to achieve your research objectives.

Research fees

There is no wish to duplicate work already completed, but some checking of information supplied by you may be required if it seems that earlier research is incomplete or incorrect or conclusions unjustified.

Research costs are £45 per hour, travel is charged at 45p per mile and certificates are charged at cost. 

Depending on the size of project, it may be possible to pay in installments.  Be sure to ask about this when making your initial enquiry.

Can I buy a package?

Of course. If you wish you can purchase a package of 10, 15, 20 or 30 hours.

  • A ten hour package costs £450.
  • A fifteen hour package costs £675.
  • A twenty hour package costs £900.
  • A thirty hour package includes a 10% discount and costs £1215.

When the allocated research time has been completed, advice will be provided on next steps. The choice will be yours as to whether you wish to continue with further research.

Client agreement and invoice

If you accept the quote, we will both sign a Client Agreement and you will be invoiced. 

Once you have returned the signed Client Agreement and paid the invoice, the work will be scheduled and you will be provided with a date for completion of the research.

What will you receive?

You will receive a fully referenced written report detailing the searches undertaken, with information about archives used, which Irish records have been searched, positive results, negative results and an analysis of the findings.  Where copyright restrictions allow, copies of documents and images will be provided within the report.  The report will also include suggestions for further research, if applicable. 

Where applicable, a family tree will be built for you on Ancestry and you will be given access to it. 

You also have the option of receiving a Gedcom file so that you can upload it to the genealogy programme of your choice.

Roots Revealed has many satisfied customers and their reviews may be read on the Testimonials page.

Let us help you to Reveal your Roots!

Ahoghill National School Register found at PRONI by Roots Revealed
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