House Histories

House histories will be of interest to individuals who live in an old property and who are curious about its history, when it was built, who lived in it before them and the stories of the people who lived there, along with information about the surrounding area and the historical context. 

This makes an ideal and unusual gift – why not surprise a loved one with the history of their home?

Businesses such as hotels, guest houses, pubs and restaurants located in older premises may like to avail of this service, enabling them to share the history of the building with their guests.

There is an option to have the House History professionally printed in an attractive book to share with family, friends, visitors and guests. Prices for professional printing are available on application.

Two types of House History are available:

House History Report

This is a concise history that will provide information on the date of construction, a list of the people who lived there using documents such as Census, Street Directories, Griffith’s Valuations and Tithe Records.  The report will set the property in local context with information about the area and will include photographs, maps and relevant documents, along with suggestions for further research and a list of sources used. *

The House History Report costs £900.

In-Depth House History

In addition to the information in the House History Report shown above, this detailed report will include information about the construction of the building and biographical information about the people who lived there.  You will gain an understanding of their lives and the report will include a summary of local and national events that would have impacted on their lives. *

The In-Depth House History costs £1215.

Please note, this service is only available for properties located in Northern Ireland. 

*Before research commences, it cannot be guaranteed that all of these records exist.  There may be copyright restrictions on providing copies of some documents or images within your report.

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