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Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Many of Roots Revealed’s genealogy research clients, genealogy tour guests and genealogy course students have kindly provided us with customer  reviews and testimonials.  Some are provided through our Google Business page, some via our Facebook page and others directly via email.  They have been reproduced below. 

My daughter contacted Roots Revealed as I was celebrating my retirement and she, as well as my husband, son and other daughter, thought it would be a good idea to give me a present of some genealogy research for my birthday. I had started to research my family history but had came across a brick wall when it came to the Irish side of my family.

Natalie was very professional and listened to the brief she was given. She managed to find where my relatives came from and also found out that someone I had thought was born in Ireland (according to the Census) was actually born in Glasgow.

Her report was extremely detailed and thorough and I would have no hesitation in recommending Roots Revealed for your genealogy and family history service. 

I can now visit the areas where my ancestors came from when I go over to Ireland later in the year.

Many thanks Natalie!

K.Q. of Inverness-shire, Scotland. 15 May 2024.


Natalie was thorough and timely with her research. Covering the brief and suggesting avenues to take the work forward. Very happy with the final report and her charges. Her knowledge of current genealogical research was impressive.

S.M. of Donegal, Ireland. 27 March 2024.


Natalie was extremely friendly and helpful. I explained my problems trying to research my paternal Irish family and requested her services.
I have received a most comprehensive and professionally compiled report that has provided some very useful information.
I would highly recommend Roots Revealed for anyone struggling with their Irish Ancestry

A.M. of Devon, England. 25 March 2024.


I enjoyed your course so much!  I had no idea there was so much to research with genealogy.  Thank you for all the resource lists.  They will be invaluable.  It was lovely to have it online so I could take it from afar.  It was also nice to meet people from all over the world.  I would definitely recommend your course to anyone interested in genealogy.

A.B. of Canada. Genealogy course Oct – Dec 2023.


Natalie has a great depth of knowledge, she is generous with her time and has a lovely sense of humour!

B.S. of Canada. Genealogy course Oct – Dec 2023.


It was fabulous. Thank you so much!

C.G. of USA. Genealogy course Oct – Dec 2023.


I was unable to attend these workshops in real time because of work commitments. I will be viewing each of the videos and using the links you have provided to further my research very soon. I’m super impressed with the notes, links and extras provided each week and have my binder organized with every scrap of info received. I’m looking forward to going through the course at my leisure.

E.G. of Canada. Genealogy course Oct – Dec 2023.


You know your stuff and present it well.  You have a sense of humour.  Your handouts are great, and easy to follow.  You are willing to help with individual problems.  Thanks again.

H.S. of Canada. Genealogy course Oct – Dec 2023.


I had hit many brick walls.  The course was interesting and informative.

J.B. of England. Genealogy course Oct – Dec 2023.


Five star course. The dip into Irish history is so important to give the information context and has certainly whetted my appetite to find out more about my Irish heritage. The whole course was excellent.

J.J. of Sweden. Genealogy course Oct – Dec 2023.


There are so many things I appreciated about this course (and I have done many in the past): 1. Size of group was perfect, to allow us to feel we could ask questions; 2. Personal and positive atmosphere: I love that Natalie greeted us individually each day and always asked if we had any successes or experiences to share; 3. My sense is that Natalie did not hold back anything, in terms of sharing her extensive knowledge and sources and tips; I found it remarkable that she had so much material and references that she freely shared, in the most organized way imaginable!; 4. Whenever someone had a question, Natalie addressed it in ways that were illuminating for the rest of us, so we all felt great satisfaction and interest; 5. Having recorded sessions now set to expire week by week means I can repeat the entire 10 weeks at a time best for me; 6. Natalie was always warm and professional, communicates clearly, and imbibed us with her enthusiasm for the joy of genealogy! Thank you so much Natalie, this is a course I will remember fondly but also one that is a springboard for me finding real “meat” to go with my “Irish potatoes” (the latter being more like breadcrumbs right now!). I really am finishing the course with confidence that I can navigate into the world of research with Irish sources and find many missing links!

The course delivered on what it promised, with the highest quality.

L.T. of Canada. Genealogy course Oct – Dec 2023.


I really enjoyed how you delivered the information – it was done in an easily digestible way. I was amazed to find how many records are available for Irish genealogy and I am a trained librarian!

 It’s obvious that you know a lot and are interested in the small details (how tenants lived, etc.) as am I. These details make the people come alive!

 I liked your screenshots and course outlines, as well as the website information that you gave us. The outlines made everything easy to organize and having the recordings available is a real bonus.

I enjoyed the live Zoom format. It’s great to feel like you are participating actively instead of watching a recording.

S.B. of Canada. Genealogy course Oct – Dec 2023.


I was very impressed by Natalie’s presentation on researching Irish family history records at the 2022 Really Useful Conference so I immediately sought her help with researching ancestors in the north of Ireland and across the North Channel in south-west Scotland.

Living a long way from Ireland myself I had been hoping for some years to find a genealogist based in Ireland who could help fill family history gaps as I know how challenging Irish records can be, especially at long distance.

Natalie was very responsive, well organised and helpful; although I had to wait a while as she is a popular genealogist, I knew I had made the right choice and my confidence in her skills and local knowledge was rewarded when I received her thorough and informative report exactly on schedule. I am working on another family history conundrum and will be approaching Natalie again for more of her excellent assistance.

D.H. of Canberra, Australia. 18 October 2023.


Natalie is tremendous!

She was on target and detailed. She helped me find both sides of my family while she’s in Ireland and I’m in New Jersey.

Hire her now!

B.Y. of New Jersey, USA. 18 October 2023.


I was very impressed with the report I received.  It was extremely thorough and well presented, containing an awful lot of information both genealogical and demographical.  I would not hesitate to use Natalie’s services again and highly recommend her to you.

C.K. of Herts, England. 21 September 2023.


I engaged Natalie Bodle from in November 2022 to carry out research on my family history. My father’s family came from Ulster and I believed that Natalie would be well placed to help me research his family history. 

She carried out this work in a very professional manner and I was very happy with the results. The scope of the work was clearly defined and set out in an agreement before any work began, and Natalie carried out the agreed work very thoroughly and most importantly, within the timeframe agreed.

Natalie made many helpful suggestions in relation to the research and furnished a full professionally produced report summarising her findings. I would be very happy to recommend her services to anyone.looking to carry out genealogical research in Ulster.

A.M.of Dublin, Ireland. 04 July 2023.


After a first research carried out by Natalie in 2022 (see my comment in August 2022 on her site), I’ve decided to entrust her with a further research with 2 main goals : refine some of the data provided in the first research (for instance search in Belfast Street directory to know until when some people of the family were mentioned or get some additional certificates for my family database), and to expand the information on two family branches which were not included in my first priorities.

Once again I’ve appreciated Natalie’s expertise to help me better defining what could be done in a reasonable delay and cost.

Like the first time, we’ve agreed on a clear scope of work, and the second report provides really interesting and amazing information about my family.

Since I also work by myself on my French family genealogy, I really appreciate what has been done by Natalie for my Irish side.

And my siblings (France and Canada) and 3 cousins (Northern Ireland and Canada) are also impatient to discover this second part of the report !

J.D. of Normandie, France. 09 June 2023.


Natalie definitely gives her all when researching a tricky genealogical question. She was able to find numerous new sources, explore evidence of the travel of my 1600s era ancestor between England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, and, through deduction, pinpoint which of my ancestors may have traveled to America. Her report was well researched and I would highly recommend her to flesh out any U.K.-Ireland genealogical questions you may encounter.

J.W. of Washington DC. 17 February 2023.


Brilliant 4 week course which has helped me find ancestors I’ve been searching for for a long time. Very informative and so well presented. Would definitely recommend. Many thanks Natalie.

K.O. of County Antrim – Genealogy Course January 2023.

Very inspiring and engaging introductory course. Natalie sure does know her stuff!

J.K. of County Antrim – Genealogy Course January 2023.

I have just completed a very interesting and informative 4 sessions workshop in genealogy taken by Natalie. In it I was given numerous free websites and some that required a fee. Natalie also gave me useful advice on how to navigate the information. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in researching their ancestors.

B.G. of County Antrim – Genealogy Course January 2023.

Natalie has a vast knowledge of researching family genealogy. She delivered her information in bite size chunks, in a logical, enjoyable way. Natalie has a natural delivery with empathy and understanding to a diverse group of attendees. I attended a short 4 week course but on reflection would have liked the course to continue for further sessions.

J.F. of County Antrim – Genealogy Course January 2023.


I would like to thank Natalie for helping to fill in the gaps in my family tree. I had been able to take my investigations so far but then found it impossible to take things any further. From the moment I contacted her and told her what my objectives were, she outlined what she could do to complete my tree, how much it would cost and how long it would take. For anyone who has an interest in their family tree and are unable to complete the task themselves I would thoroughly recommend that they contact Natalie.
R.M. of County Antrim. 17 October 2022.

I finally had a chance to go through the 67 page report and family tree that Natalie provided me after hiring her for Irish research. With her results, my husband now has a whole different side of family information that he did not have prior to the report from Natalie. It was fulfilling to enter this new information on his online tree and receive the DNA matches and hints from Ancestry. Spectacular research and feedback on constraints. I would recommend Natalie and Roots Revealed to anyone needing help with Irish research!
D.W. of Alberta, Canada. 28 August 2022.

I live in France but my dad's family lived in Belfast in the first part of the 20th century. After starting my family tree by myself, at some point I've understood that the help of a professional genealogist would be necessary. From the beginning the exchanges with Natalie were really good. She was really listening to what were my expectations (priorities), and I've appreciated the professionalism of the procedure (pre-study, contract, management of confidentiality...). When I had some questions, she always replied quickly. After agreeing on the delivery date, she delivered the report perfectly on time. The report is really good, easy to read, and well structured with an index with all reference documents. And course she found really interesting and even amazing information I would not have been able to find by myself. One advice : unless you look for a turn key project, it's better to start working on your own first, to take really benefit of Natalie's expertise for the more difficult part of the genealogy work. It will also help you to better define with her what your priorities are, and to do the arbitrage cost / time / level of detail. Based on my small experience of genealogy (time consuming activity), I can tell you that the price was rather reasonable for the result I got. But in fact, what is the cost of time travel to better know your ancestors ?
J.D. of Normandie, France. 23 August 2022.

I attended the 10 week genealogy course run by Natalie from Roots Revealed. I found this course very informative and interesting and the 10 weeks flew by. Natalie presented the information in an easy to understand way and her knowledge and passion for the subject was very evident. Natalie has an excellent in-depth knowledge of the history of the different eras of the past which in turn allowed me to gain insight into how my ancestors had lived all those years ago! I received excellent resources each week e.g. websites and book titles which allowed me to do further research in my own time and this resulted in me being able to trace back 4 generations which greatly exceeded my initial expectations!! I would have no hesitation in recommending this excellent course to anyone who has an interest in researching their roots. Many thanks Natalie.
M.M. of County Antrim. Genealogy Course March to May 2022.
Thanks Natalie for our 10 week Genealogy course at the Crosskeys. Thoroughly enjoyed learning something new each week.
T.B. of County Antrim. Genealogy Course March to May 2022.
A wonderful 10 weeks learning how to look up the family tree. Brilliant job Natalie.
P.H. of County Antrim. Genealogy Course March to May 2022.
Just finished a 10 week course and cannot recommend Natalie enough. If you are wanting to research your family tree this course will give you all the tools you need. Natalie definitely knows her stuff and was very helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you Natalie.
L.T. of County Antrim. Genealogy Course March to May 2022.
I found this course very interesting and well presented, Natalie is a wealth of Knowledge in all aspects of Genealogy. I would have no hesitation recommending it to anyone. Thanks again Natalie.
S.M of County Antrim. Genealogy Course March to May 2022.

I recommend Natalie's service, she took the family information I had and expanded on it in great detail. The report is well written and explained. Very worthwhile and great value.
K.C. of England. 21 December 2021.

Can thoroughly recommend. Research answered the questions I had going in (including correcting some false leads that I had followed!), and was completed in time and in line with the budget specified at the beginning. Payment was easy and secure, and the final product came with a full report (complete with citations) and a completed family tree. I'd certainly be confident about engaging Roots Revealed to do more research in the future.
P.T. of Liverpool, England. 23 March 2022.


The research carried out by Natalie and the report provided were both of a very high professional standard. The comprehensive and detailed information has shed light on family history of which I knew very little and opened up possibilities for further research related to the lives of past generations and the strong family connections between Scotland and Northern Ireland.

I would highly recommend Natalie’s work and would have no hesitation in contacting Natalie again for any future research.

G.L. of Lothian, Scotland. 06 December 2021.


I learned SO much in this valuable 10 session course. Natalie is excellent! She is both personal and professional always. Her experience and preparation show through each and every session. The myriad of sources she introduced to us is a treasury I am beginning to use daily. I am finally getting away from my cycle of doing “ the same old , same old” everyday. I’m also grateful she and Fern permitted my sister and me to participate, since we were not locals, yet our ancestors were. A great experience! Good for family researchers at all levels! Grateful!
L.K. of USA. Genealogy Course September to November 2021.
This Genealogy course was OUTSTANDING!!! Natalie has an incredible wealth of information. Luckily with Zoom automation I was able to participate, as I am in the US. I have ancestors who came from Rathlin and I can not relay how valuable this class was to assist with my research! Natalie is tremendous! Clone that women!! ; )
P.G. of USA. Genealogy Course September to November 2021.
Recently, I completed an online course on researching your family history led by genealogist Natalie Bodle – and what an eye-opening and immersive journey those 10 weeks turned out to be! Natalie took our little group through a wide range of subjects of interest to those seeking to uncover their roots – from DNA testing, through church and education records, census information and military sources to workhouse and emigration files. Added to that, each week we received PDFs of lecture notes, containing invaluable information with links to online resources to help navigate our way further down this fascinating path of discovery. Natalie, a natural teacher, expertly delivered the course with clarity, good humour and with an obvious love for the subject.
J.M. of County Antrim. Genealogy Course September to November 2021.

I live in Western Australia and I contacted Natalie for some assistance with researching my Grandfather's family who were from Northern Ireland. I had some information but was unsure if it was correct. Natalie with her expertise put together a very comprehensive report with supporting documents. Natalie was also very obliging and answered my follow up questions. I would be happy to recommend Natalie.
L.K. of Perth, Western Australia. 20 November 2021.

I have recently asked Natalie to research my maternal grandfather (born in 1868) and she was able to answer my queries . I now have the task of combining her research with data gleaned from family members. I have little doubt that further questions will arise and I may well be contacting her again. I will have no hesitation in doing this – she is a pleasure to consult – and talk to! I was pleased that she lives within a few miles of where I was born and lived for about 30 years before I moved to Birmingham. I recommend her without reservation to anyone researching their Irish connections. Thanks Natalie.
W.M. of West Midlands, England. 11 November 2011.

During lockdown, one of my “go do” actions was to explore my family tree. Initial searches through the usual websites provided a lot of unknown information e.g. two of my grandfathers siblings died shortly after birth with causes of death listed. Unfortunately after the early successes, I realised that further work was needed and I could spend hours trolling various sources and as a total amateur would not have the insights or skills to complete the work. My family seemed to originate from the Ballymoney area and I searched for a professional genealogist in that area. After finding Natalie’s website, I shared my research and she quickly provided a quote for my research questions. A couple of months later a 75 page report was received with so much more insights into my family history. You cannot put a value to this but it was the best money spent during lockdown ! It will be fantastic to share with my family to give them a sense of their heritage. A disappointment, was that some documents were not available for various reasons and it will not be possible to fully populate the family tree,but this is the reality of a previous, non digital era, where record keeping was not always required. I would highly recommend Natalie to research your family history and if she cannot find it no one will !
A.W. of Co. Londonderry. 16 October 2021.


You have set out the research report very clearly and it is easy to read. I appreciate the care that you have taken with the listing of your sources.
You have revealed some of my family roots and I now know more about their geographical origins. The information included in the dates and events gives me some insight into the daily lives of earlier family members and the struggles they faced with poverty, illness and child deaths.


M.D. of Buckinghamshire, England. 04 October 2021.


Big thank you to Natalie for her expertise and knowledge in expanding my family tree. The accurate information and documents she found for me were excellent and exactly what I had hoped for. You are taking a leap of faith when pay for a service and hope that you get the results that you want but I would have no hesitation in recommending Natalie for her professional work in my search for my Irish Ancestry.
J.G. of North Lanarkshire, Scotland. 27 August 2021.

I have just completed a 10 week genealogy course with Natalie Bodle of Roots Revealed and I thoroughly enjoyed it! As a newcomer to family tree research, I cannot stress how invaluable this was for me. Natalie is incredibly knowledgeable - not only about what records are available and where to find them, but also on local history that helps give context to your ancestors' lives. The resources and advice she provides are absolutely crucial for anyone who is researching their Irish or Northern Irish ancestors. On top of her expertise, Natalie is a genuine, lovely person and very approachable. If you are looking for help with your family research, I cannot recommend her enough!
D.R. of County Antrim. Genealogy Course January to March 2021.

I thoroughly enjoyed this learning experience and feel much more equipped to find my people. Natalie provides a detailed step by step approach which not only provided a great grounding, I found myself getting totally absorbed in the history of my area as part of the discovery of my ancestral background. Not only was this a great inter generational learning opportunity, it was fun and provided me with a worthwhile distraction from the day to day monotony of winter lockdown during the pandemic. I found myself transported in a way that yoga or mindfulness just couldn’t muster and for that I am truly thankful. I have enjoyed some of the conundrums and one of those is proving tricky so if you like a challenge ... On every single document my great great grandmothers surname appears differently, which has created a block. I will be going back through all I learnt in the hope of unravelling who she is. Thanks for everything Natalie.
G.M. of County Antrim. Genealogy Course January to March 2021.
5 Star rated course. So much expert information delivered in a style that encouraged you to find out more. Want to know about Genealogy? Use Natalie and Roots Revealed!
F.H. of County Antrim. Genealogy Course January to March 2021.
I’ve just completed Natalie’s 10 week Monday evening Genealogy course in association with Friends of Glenariffe. This was an absolutely brilliant experience. Natalie is a natural educator & trainer. Each session was planned so well and the volume and depth of historical information and sources we gained was incredible but not overwhelming as it was given in such a highly professional manner. Natalie is a very genuine person. She is extremely knowledgeable and patient and steered us all along regardless of our level of experience. She is a mine of information, made learning fun and the craic in the group was great!! I would have no hesitation in recommending her as she confidently demonstrated her love and understanding of history and genealogy and also that her work is always completed to the highest of standards.
E.C. of County Antrim. Genealogy Course January to March 2021.
Natalie was excellent tutor so easy to listen too and so clear and precise along with the notes that we were able to download for the class made following the talk so easy. I certainly would highly recommend the 10 week course couldn't wait for the next week to hear about the resources and the history surrounding them and has made my researching so much easier.
R.M. of County Antrim. Genealogy Course January to March 2021.
We started tracing our ancestors and we were doing OK with the research. We then took part in a 10-week Zoom class with Natalie and the difference was day and night. Natalie provided a step by step methodology with loads of resource material, and suggestions for filing and arranging our research. The zoom class was relaxed with lots of banter but when a question was posed to Natalie, we got the answer, with reference materials and books suggested where we could get further information. The Monday night class was a mine of information and with selective searches, avoided going down a 'rabbit hole'. Natalie was professional, friendly, informative and patient throughout and we recommend her highly.
E.M. of County Antrim. Genealogy Course January to March 2021.
I have just attended a 10 week genealogy course with Natalie. She has fantastic knowledge which is shared in a way which is easy to understand. The reference materials and sources lists have been fantastic in supporting my own research. Natalie is very professional, supportive and I would recommend her services.
S.K. of County Antrim. Genealogy Course January to March 2021.
Just finished a 10 week Genealogy Course with Natalie - fantastic. Natalie is so interesting, well prepared and very easy to listen to. She explains things so well and has plenty of advice and information of relevant sites. Would highly recommend.
U.R. of County Antrim. Genealogy Course January to March 2021.
Can I just add how much I have enjoyed your course - its been great and your professionalism and knowledge of your subject shine's been so interesting to learn more about how to research our families and thank you for all the wonderful source material - it will probably take me about a year to get thru it all - best course I have ever attended!
A.M. of County Antrim. Genealogy Course January to March 2021.

I am delighted with the quality of the research which Natalie has conducted into my forbears in Northern Ireland. She has navigated her way through many families bearing the same name, and has created for me a family tree which is backed up by detailed documentary evidence. Her responses have been timely and very friendly, and I have found her costs to be very reasonable. My project is an ongoing one, and I am very happy to be able to continue it in association with Roots Revealed. I strongly recommend Roots Revealed to those who require genealogical research.
C.M. of Kingston ACT, Australia. 12 March 2021.

Thanks to Natalie, she did so much research in the difficult COVID climate to add a substantial amount of information to my Irish family. She took what I had provided and added to that so I am very pleased with the outcome. I would recommend her to anyone looking for help with Irish Ancestry. Thanks again Natalie, much appreciated.
T.B. of Victoria, Australia. 11 March 2021.

I normally don't so reviews or surveys. I will however make an exception for Natalie. I haven't yet completely digested all of the information contained within the report. There is multiple levels of information contained within. It is nice the way everything was organized. She had land records, Marriage records, Birth records, Death records. The witness' to those events. I was able to put names and documents to people we suspected of being related. We also have a number of new leads for people to look for and people we have found. I would recommend Roots Revealed and I would use Natalie again to search for different family members.
W.H. of California, USA. 14 December 2020.

I received a detailed report full of interesting findings, easy to read, and fully referenced. As pleasing as the report itself was, that I received it within the timescale provided by Natalie was also much appreciated.
R.M. of Bristol, England. 03 December 2020.

Natalie undertook this research on my fathers mothers side of the family which was extensive, well prepared, easy to follow & very enlightening! I hope to take a trip over to Ireland to see all the places of interest which Natalie has offered to be our guide. I hope we will be able to do that soon.
S.B. of West Sussex, England. 10 November 2020.

Roots Revealed was a fabulous find for me. I’d been researching my Great-Grandfather from Northern Ireland for quite some time, without any luck. Natalie was able to find his family, and siblings (of which we knew nothing), and give me some of the family history. This was a blessing because I am now able to give my 90 year old mother the information she never knew. Thank you so much Natalie. Your professionalism, attention to detail, and warmth was very much appreciated. I highly recommend Roots Revealed for your genealogy and family history services.
J.B. of New York, USA. 30 September 2020.

Natalie provided an excellent and thoroughly-researched report, which was more than I had hoped for. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services.
J.P. of East Lothian, Scotland. 17 September 2020.

Natalie was amazing. In addition to providing me with factual information and documents, she was readily available to answer any of my questions. I am so lucky to be able to learn about my Irish and Scottish ancestors. Learning our history helps us to understand so much more about ourselves. Thank you, Natalie!
P.B. of Pennsylvania, USA. 20 August 2020.

I am quite pleased with your work on the Armstrong family, and impressed with the number of sources you were able to check during this difficult time when so many things are closed. Your report was exceedingly professional, well-written and sourced. Incredibly thorough work! I do believe we'll have you go forward with additional research after we've had a chance to decide what we'd like you to pursue. Thank you Natalie for your outstanding research.
G.M. of California, USA. 18 April 2020.

I have been researching my ancestors for over 10 years now and had come to the stage where I couldn't find the answers without professional help. Roots Revealed were very good, I received the documents I asked for very quickly. The advice I got was very helpful, as well as being discreet and I look forward to working with them again at the end of Covid19 virus lockdown when more information will become available.
E.A. of Cognac, France. 06 April 2020.

Natalie does excellent research and provides a very detailed report of her findings.
E.R. of Tennessee, USA. 05 March 2020.

Ms. Bodle provides prompt accurate research reports at a very reasonable cost.
K.M. of British Columbia, Canada. 14 February 2020.

Fantastically organised and structured. Will definitely advise people to sign up for the next course. Thank you.
K.M. of County Antrim. Genealogy Course September to November 2019.
Got much more information and knowledge that I had expected. Information presented was very clear and easy to understand.
C.S. of County Antrim. Genealogy Course September to November 2019.
Great environment for learning. Natalie was very knowledgeable and allowed us to ask loads of questions. Thanks very much for making the course really interesting. It has re-invigorated me to get back into my research again.
J.B. of County Antrim. Genealogy Course September to November 2019.
Really enjoyed it. Lessons well planned and executed. A topic per week. Making difficult topics easy!!
S.M. of County Antrim. Genealogy Course September to November 2019.

Nice report with proper footnotes to the sources where the information was found. Thanks.
R.R. of Georgia, USA. 18 November 2019.

I requested a search for an article I wasn't even sure existed and Natalie found it - old school (scrolling through microfilm)! A single word in that article has opened a whole new line of investigation, so I'm very grateful for Natalie's sleuthing. I suspect you will be, too.
M.S. of Florida, USA. 24 September 2019.

Natalie Bodle went way beyond our expectations and actually had managed to locate our ancestors home which was still standing though in disrepair. The driver she hired was also very knowledgeable and the Bed and Breakfast she suggested was excellent . We found the trip very worthwhile and hope to do some further research with Natalie.
G.N. of British Columbia, Canada. 26 August 2019.

Natalie did excellent work in researching my ancestors in the County Antrim area. She was able to bring new information to light and also show where possible links were not associated with my ancestors. She produced a very detailed report with sources, pictures and maps. Now I have new avenues to pursue to add to my family tree. She also was a great guide for our tour of the area. She’s very knowledgeable of the area and provided very meaningful commentary of the typical life of my ancestors. She also chose an excellent driver for the day - they worked very well together! Thanks Natalie !!
D.W. of Michigan, USA. 19 August 2019.

I recently hired Roots Revealed to help me with some family research. We were pleased with the information that our researcher found for us!
N.B. of Washhington, USA. 02 May 2019.

This was an excellent course. Very enjoyable. Natalie really brought it all to life and made it so we could understand. Open learning was encouraged.'
K.F. of County Antrim. Genealogy Course September to November 2018.
I am a beginner to this and I feel I have been given the tools to research my family tree. Natalie was always very willing to answer any questions.
M.D. of County Antrim. Genealogy Course September to November 2018.
Fantastic course, very enjoyable. So much information that has enabled me to search better. Has made me feel more comfortable and happy with my research. Also I've gained a little confidence in my ability to research.
D.J. of County Antrim. Genealogy Course September to November 2018.
I thought this was a great starter course - especially for someone like me who knew nothing about the tools and techniques.
M.M. of County Antrim. Genealogy Course September to November 2018.
The tutor was very knowledgeable. ​
J.R. of County Antrim. Genealogy Course September to November 2018.
I recently completed a part time genealogy course with Roots Revealed. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone considering researching their family tree. Natalie has a thorough knowledge of family research and the course was presented in an interesting way. Through this course I became familiar with the numerous resources available and how to access these. Natalie was always most willing to advise and assist individual members when asked. I consider this course to have been excellent value for money as it has enabled me to make good progress with researching my family tree.
S.G. of County Antrim. Genealogy Course September to November 2018.

What an awesome report!!! It is clear and interesting. Very understandable for a lay person such as myself. I like how you gave the negative results as well as the things you found, and also the next steps. It is really fascinating!!! Thank you so much. I really loved the info about the "crime" of stealing the goose. You really did a great job!! I am so grateful.
M.D of California, USA. 20 August 2018.

Excellent detailed family tree research report provided by Roots Revealed. I now am aware of details of the 4th Generation of my family and have been armed with plenty of information for further research. Thank you Roots Revealed!
A.O. of County Antrim. 02 July 2018.

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